For those in the insurance industry, cash flow can be unpredictable. That’s why having a knowledgeable banking partner is essential to ensuring you have the financial resources and expertise you need.

Our dedicated insurance banking team has a proven history of helping insurance brokers manage their cash flow predictably or finance a business expansion. And we can help with your personal banking needs or the financial needs of your clients.

At Customers Bank, you’ll enjoy a single-point-of-contact to help you manage cash flow cycles, credit needs, investment goals and any other banking requirements you may have.

In addition, we offer an array of banking solutions to meet your needs, including:


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Cash Management

Easily process payments, manage cash balances and retrieve account information to help you better manage your money.

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Commercial Interest Checking Account

You work hard for your money and your money should work hard for you. Earn a competitive interest rate in a safe and secure business checking account.

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Positive Pay

Protect your money by mitigating the risk of fraud with the ability to view the payee’s name on checks, as well as the ability to approve or decline payment. You determine the monitoring parameters to meet your business needs.

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Reverse Positive Pay

Fraud protection that notifies you which checks have been submitted for payment and enables you to approve or decline payments.

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Remote Deposit Check Scanner

Save time by depositing checks from the convenience of your office – with no added fees.

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Online and Mobile Banking

Manage your organization’s finances and your time with the ability to bank how you want from anywhere.

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Small Business Lending

Small business and government guaranteed lending are useful financing tools for buying, selling or expanding a business. Learn more about small business lending or the qualifications for SBA government guaranteed lending.

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Business Term Loans

A great loan product to use for expansion, capital improvements, equipment financing and other major business needs.

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Business Lines of Credit

The perfect loan product to support working capital, supplemental cash flow or finance receivables.

Money Market Account

Let your excess cash go to work for you. Earn a competitive interest rate in a safe and secure money market saving account.

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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Gain confidence knowing you are able to pay anyone, anytime safely and securely.

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ACH Block

Gain confidence knowing you and your accounts are protected against fraudulent ACH transactions, which could wipe out an entire account or organization.

We know how much your clients rely on you to help manage risk. Count on Customers Bank to help you succeed.

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