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Delivering High-Tech, High-Touch Services to Fund Sponsors

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As the private investments market continues to set record-level growth, so do the demands placed on today’s fund sponsors to deploy capital and, at the same time, generate returns for their investors. With over 50 years of fund banking experience, Customers Bank’s Fund Finance team stands ready to help fund sponsors grow and operate more efficiently.

Whether requiring a credit line to bridge capital calls or needing a management company deposit account to pay fund expenses, Customers Bank consistently delivers high-tech, high-touch service to its Fund Finance clients.

Explore fund finance

General partner loans

Secured by GP interests


Single LP loan structures

Hybrid loan structures

Capital Call and NAV lines

NAV facilities

Loans based on underlying fund assets

Capital call lines

Loans based on LP commitments


Capital Call lines – up to 3 years NAV lines – up to 5 years

Facility amount

$25MM to $225MM per borrower

Loan size

Up to 30% of Committed Capital or 75% of NAV

Flexible draw repayment

Facility draws can be set to repay 30 days up to maturity date

“Traditional” method or flat rate borrowing bases

  • LP Capital Commitments classified by credit quality and subject to concentration limits
  • A single advance rate applied to all LP Capital Commitments

Cash management

Customers Bank understands how cash flows through fund structures and appreciates the importance of having fund banking accounts opened without delay. Our unique “single-point-of-contact” approach to client relationships improves operational efficiencies allowing fund sponsors to focus on raising capital and generating returns for their investors. Our cash management solutions give fund sponsors and fund administrators the tools to run their cash management operations smoothly.

Cash management services

Fund finance – cash management – Online Banking and mobile banking…

  • Online Banking & Mobile Banking
  • ACH & Wire Transfers
  • SWIFT Messaging
  • Bill Pay
  • Positive Pay/Fraud Protection

Fund finance – cash management – Crypto Banking Capabilities…

  • Remote Check Deposit & Lockbox Services
  • Letters of Credit
  • Escrow Agent Services
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