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Cash management

Spend more time on your core business and less time on processing tasks with our advanced tools.

Man wearing an apron in a restaurant, hands exchanging a product
Man wearing an apron in a restaurant, hands exchanging a product

Explore our cash management tools

Positive Pay

Mitigate fraud risk and reduce unauthorized transactions with this automated cash-management service. You get suspicious activity alerts and can approve or decline payment.

Online and mobile banking

View real-time balance information and pending transactions, make accessible transfers between accounts online, stop payment on a check and more.

ACH payments

Pay anyone safely and securely with ACH (Automated Clearing House) services. Process large transaction volumes, ensure on-time payments, make direct payroll deposits and more.

Wire transfer services

Transfer funds immediately and securely with online wire transfers from desktop or mobile, with multi-factor authentication and automated alert confirmations.

Business Bill Pay

Manage all accounts payable from one secure, convenient website. It’s easier and faster than paying by check and helps reduce the risk of human error and late payments.

Mobile check management

Deposit checks to your account quickly, securely and from anywhere, with no fees and no scanner. Funds update to your account the next business day.

Remote check deposit

Deposit checks online 24/7 with this convenient and secure service. Ideal for businesses that handle large volumes of checks to help improve cash flow and management.

Lockbox services

Collect payments efficiently and fast-track receivables processing with lockbox services. Enjoy automatic online reporting and faster access to funds.

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Our cash management services can help you save money and time. Talk with us to get started.

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