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Securities Based Lines of Credit

A simple and flexible solution to help your clients meet their liquidity needs.

A Customers Bank securities based line of credit is a fully digital lending solution that enables your clients to access the value of their investment portfolio for near-term funding needs, without liquidating assets or otherwise disrupting their long-term investment strategies.

Securities Based Lines of Credit hero
Securities Based Lines of Credit hero

Benefits for financial advisors and wealth managers

Attract and retain assets

Attract and retain assets under management by providing clients with a valuable tool to meet planned or unexpected cash needs without liquidating investments

Strengthen client relationships

Strengthen client relationships and deliver a higher level of service by helping your clients manage both sides of their balance sheet, not just their investable assets

Ward off intrusion

Ward off intrusion by other lenders and wealth management firms that offer competing services

Partner with a bank

Partner with a bank that is committed to providing best-in-class service and technology

Advantages for your clients

Access to liquidity

  • Access to liquidity without disrupting investment strategies or triggering negative tax implications
  • Proceeds can be used for virtually any legal purpose aside from purchasing or carrying securities
  • Fully digital application and origination process for quick loan decisions, with funding in as little as a few days*

Streamlined underwriting process

  • Streamlined underwriting process—no need to provide tax returns or personal financial statements
  • Competitive SOFR-based rates that could be lower than other types of financing
  • No set up, application or maintenance fees. Only pay interest when the line is used.

Features at a glance


$100,000 to $10 million


Competitive SOFR-based rates that vary based on the approved facility size




Revolving demand line of credit with no stated maturity date – borrow, re-pay and re-borrow as often as desired


Draws may be requested at any time based on availability ($75,000 initial minimum draw requirement; $20,000 for subsequent draws)


ACH or Wire Transfer


Automatic monthly interest payments required on outstanding balances; principal may be repaid at any time without penalty


Taxable/non-qualified investment accounts holding eligible marketable securities, such as publicly-traded equities, fixed income and mutual funds

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Want to know more?

For more information on our Securities Based Lines of Credit, please complete the form below.

* For standard loan requests submitted digitally. More complex/non-standard loan structures are subject to additional reviews that could delay approval and funding.

Nothing herein is or should be interpreted as imposing an obligation on Customers Bank to lend. All lines of credit are subject to credit approval, verification and collateral evaluation. Certain restrictions and terms and conditions apply.

The proceeds from a securities based line of credit may not be used to purchase or carry (or repay debt related to the purchase or carry of) margin securities, which include: i) stocks that are registered on a national securities exchange, or any over-the-counter security designated for trading in the national market system; ii) debt securities (bonds) that are convertible into margin stock; and iii) shares of most mutual funds.

Borrowing against securities involves risk and may not be suitable for all investors or potential borrowers. A decline in the market value of the securities serving as collateral for the line of credit could require the borrower to pay down their loan or pledge additional securities on short notice to avoid a forced sale of the securities in their pledged account(s). Furthermore, the sale of any of pledged securities could result in adverse tax consequences. These and other risks are described in detail in the ‘Risks and Other Considerations for Securities Based Lines of Credit’ disclosure document which is available upon request. Potential borrowers should consult with their Financial Advisor and ensure that they understand and carefully consider these risks in determining whether a securities based line of credit is suitable for their specific situation.

Neither Customers Bank nor any of its representatives provide legal or tax advice. Potential borrowers should discuss potential legal and/or tax implications of pledging securities as collateral for a line of credit with an attorney or tax advisor.

All securities and accounts are subject to eligibility requirements. Securities held in a retirement account cannot be used as collateral for a securities based line of credit.

Not available in Hawaii, Iowa, Oklahoma and Oregon.