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Commercial lenders in Durham, NC

Commercial lenders in Durham, NC
Commercial lenders in Durham, NC

Finding the best bank for your small business in Durham, NC, involves careful evaluation. As commercial lenders, Customers Bank offers attractive financing options for businesses of all sizes.

Explore commercial real estate loans

As your business grows, you may contemplate investing in property. Customers Bank understands your needs and offers commercial real estate loans tailored to your budget and schedule. With flexible interest rates, repayment terms, and payment schedules, we empower you to buy, renovate, or build commercial, industrial, retail, and mixed-use real estate projects.

Government-guaranteed SBA loans

Customers Bank provides loans through the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 7(a), SBA 504, and microloan programs as an SBA-preferred lender. The SBA gives lenders a guarantee, which reduces our risk and makes it easier to lend to small businesses. Whether you need help with startup costs, working capital, expansions, or real estate purchases, SBA loans offer the necessary financial support.

Term loans empower growth and investment

If your company needs financial assistance to acquire new technology or equipment, renovate your office space, or refinance existing debts, business term loans from Customers Bank can be a good solution. These loans enable you to cover substantial expenses without causing disruptions to your regular operations. With options for both short-term and long-term repayment plans, you can repay the loan in manageable monthly installments that depend on factors like your credit history, the purpose of the loan, and the amount borrowed.

Equipment loans to fuel business growth

According to Equipment Leasing and Finance Association data, most companies in the United States rely on business equipment loans to maintain their operations efficiently. Whether you need financing for heavy machinery or office equipment, Customers Bank provides attractive interest rates and terms on equipment loans. By using the equipment you acquire as collateral, you can acquire the necessary funds to fuel the growth of your business.

Flexible funding with a line of credit

For many businesses, a line of credit is a reliable funding source. Like a credit card, this option allows borrowers to access funds up to a predetermined limit for various needs such as cash flow, payroll expenses, inventory, and equipment repairs. With interest payments required only on the funds you withdraw, the credit line revolves as you pay down the principal, providing a reusable source of funds without the need to apply for a new loan.

Lender requirements

Loan requirements differ depending on the type of loan and the lender. As a business owner, you should expect to provide a business or personal credit score, business plans, tax returns, financial statements, and specific accounting records. These documents will help lenders assess your creditworthiness and determine your eligibility for the loan.


Finding the best commercial lenders for your small business in Durham, NC, involves careful research. Customers Bank can help you through every step in the application process and is committed to being your partner. Contact our experienced bankers to explore solutions to meet your needs and goals.