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Senior Leadership

Executive Committee

Jay Sidhu

Executive Chairman

Sam Sidhu

Vice Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Carla Leibold

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Bowman

Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer

Lyle Cunningham

Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer & Head of Corporate and Specialized Banking

Management Board

The Management Board is comprised of the Executive Committee, plus these individuals:

Joan Cheney

Executive Vice President, Chief Risk Officer

Nicholas Harris

Chief Information Officer

Glenn Hedde

Executive Vice President, Banking for Mortgage Companies

Jesse Honigberg

Executive Vice President of Products & Platforms

Daniel B. Park

Senior Vice President, Treasurer

Timothy Romig

Executive Vice President, Head of Middle Market and Community Banking

Andrew Sachs, Esquire

Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Samuel H. Smith III

President, Customers Commercial Finance LLC

Lisa Walsh

Chief People Officer

Phil Watkins

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Customers Bank