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Commercial Lenders Newark, NJ

Commercial Lenders Newark, NJ
Commercial Lenders Newark, NJ

For assistance in funding your business expansion, rely on Customers Bank, one of the top commercial lenders in Newark, NJ. We aim to provide a smooth and effective financing process. Read further to learn about the variety of business loans and other financial products we offer.

About Customers Bank

Customers Bank, which serves customers in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas, is a super-community bank with over $22 billion in assets. We specialize in $2MM-$100MM loans but can build a solution tailored to your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

As your company grows, you may contemplate investing in properties. Customers Bank is aware of your requirements, which is why we provide a variety of loans for commercial real estate that are customized to fit your budget and timeline. With flexible alternatives for interest rates, repayment terms, and payment schedules, we enable you to acquire, remodel, and construct commercial, industrial, retail, and mixed-use real estate developments.

Government-Guaranteed SBA Loans

These loans are partially guaranteed by the government and can be used for various business purposes, such as working capital, equipment purchases, or real estate acquisitions.

The US Government does not provide loans to businesses. Instead, the Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantees loans to eligible companies. They can be used for startup costs, working capital, expansions, real estate purchases, etc. Because the SBA guarantees as much as 85% of an SBA loan, there may be more restrictions on this type of loan. In addition, more paperwork may be required. Customers Bank proudly offers loans through the SBA’s 7(a), 504, and microloan programs as an SBA-preferred lender.

Business Term Loans

Business term loans can be an excellent option for obtaining financial support for your company’s technological upgrades, equipment purchases, office remodeling, or debt restructuring. These loans provide the means to cover major expenses while maintaining smooth daily operations. The repayment terms, which can be short-term or long-term, allow for convenient monthly payments determined by the purpose of the loan, your credit score, and the amount borrowed.

Equipment Loans

Many American companies depend on business equipment loans to maintain efficient operations. Whether you need funding for heavy machinery or necessary office equipment, Customers Bank provides attractive loan conditions and interest rates through our equipment financing services. These loans are secured by the equipment itself and often have favorable terms that support the expansion of your business.

Business Lines of Credit

A line of credit can be a dependable funding source for many businesses. This option operates like a credit card, granting borrowers access to funds up to a predetermined limit for different purposes, such as managing cash flow, covering payroll expenses, restocking inventory, and repairing equipment. The credit line functions in a revolving manner, with interest payments typically due only on the withdrawn funds. As the principal amount is paid off, the credit line becomes reusable, eliminating the need for new loan applications.

Count on Customers Bank for Financial Support

As commercial lenders, Customers Bank is committed to assisting businesses in Newark, NJ, as they strive to scale up their operations. If you encounter financial roadblocks limiting your business growth, contact us today. We will help you decide which type of commercial loan may be appropriate for your business.