PPP Loan Customer Service

PPP Customer Service

This page provides access to service to current 2021 PPP 1st draw and 2nd draw applicants/borrowers; as well as 2020 PPP borrowers who received and spent their loans. The 2020 and 2021 programs and customer service systems are separate and distinct. Customer assistant agents from one program cannot help with the other. Please choose whether you are seeking assistance with a loan which you received in 2020 or a loan for which you applied in 2021.

2021 PPP Loan Customer Service

In order to better serve our tens of thousands of PPP borrowers and applicants, please complete this form so that we can route your inquiry to the proper Team Member. We will seek to provide an answer in 24 to 48 hours. Please do not submit multiple requests for the same issue, it will only delay the response to you.

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2020 PPP Loan Customer Service

Customers Bank is proud to have originated, funded and serviced Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans to qualified borrowers. For some borrowers, Customers Bank will handle all facets of the PPP Loan including forgiveness.

But, Customers Bank partnered with a number of FinTechs in 2020 to provide funding for PPP Loans to other clients. While Customers Bank may have funded your loan, many of our FinTech partners retain servicing responsibility for loans that came through their channel. This responsibility includes loan forgiveness.

Customers Bank is unable to service a previous loan or process your forgiveness application if your account is the responsibility of a FinTech partner.

To find the proper contact information for the firm able to service a previous loan or assist you with your PPP loan forgiveness, enter your PLP number – – SBA loan number – – in the text box to the right. You will be provided with instructions to reach agents with the appropriate firm – whether that be Customers Bank or one of its partners.

If you are seeking a Second Draw PPP Loan, you are not required to use your original funder and can apply through Customers Bank. If your Second Draw law application comes from Customers Bank, we and our partners will service that loan and assist with loan forgiveness.

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