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Better online and mobile banking is here.

We’ve upgraded your online and mobile banking experience. These improved platforms will make it even easier for you to bank wherever and whenever you want.


Important dates to know

Our new digital banking system will be available after 9:00 AM EST the morning of February 8th. Prior to this go-live date, there will be a brief downtime period as we transition over to the new system. Here are the dates and details you need to know:

  • On Thursday, February 4th at 11PM ET, the current Bill Pay system will become unavailable until February 8th. All scheduled payments will be processed without interruption; however, you will not be able to edit, delete or add payments during this timeframe.
  • On Friday, February 5th at 4PM ET, the current Online and Mobile banking systems will become unavailable until February 8th. You will not be able to login, view balances or perform transactions during this timeframe. Also, the ‘Card Controls’ function within mobile banking will be deactivated. This means that any card controls put into place prior to this time will no longer be enforced. A new and improved card control option will be delivered this summer.
  • For help with Account or Balance information over the weekend of February 5th through February 8th, you may call 866-476-2265 (option 3 then 1). Agents are available every day, 8AM–11PM ET. Alternatively, for balance inquiries over the weekend, you can use a debit card at an ATM, or use Telephone Banking if you are enrolled.
  • On February 8th, please download the new ‘Customers Bank Mobile’ app from the Apple App and Google Play stores. We suggest you download the new app and delete the current app at that time. You will also be able to access online banking from the bank’s homepage at
  • Online and mobile banking enrollment will be available on Monday February 8th. At that time, please visit and select the ‘Enroll in Personal Online Banking’ option on the top right corner of the page.
  • For assistance with the new online or mobile banking services, please call 866-476-2265 (option 4 then 1), where agents are available every day from 8 AM – 11 PM ET.


Will my User ID and Password remain the same?
Use your existing username and password to log in to the new system. The first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your password. You may enter the same password, as long as it meets the password requirements displayed on-screen, or choose a new one.

Will I be required to accept any disclosures?
You will be required to review and accept our Online and Mobile Banking agreement the first time you log in. After accepting the agreement (by scrolling to the bottom and selecting ‘Accept’), you will proceed to the home page. This acceptance is a one-time requirement at first login only.

What will happen to my recurring transfers?
Your recurring transfers will be available in the new system.

Will my BillPay payees be retained in the new system?
Yes, BillPay payees will be retained in the new system.

What will happen to future dated bill payments?
Any future dated payments you have set up will be transferred to the new system.

Will I need to set up my external accounts for funds transfers again?
No, any external accounts established and verified by you prior to February 5th will be transferred to the new system. Any accounts that were pending verification as of February 5th will not be transferred. You will need to re-establish those accounts and follow the account verification process.

What is the name of the new mobile banking app?
The new mobile app name in the Apple App and Google Play stores is ‘Customers Bank Mobile’ and will be available beginning February 8th. Once downloaded, the app name on your device will appear as ‘CB Mobile’.

Are there any browser restrictions for using Online Banking?
Online Banking is not supported in Internet Explorer. Supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.

Will the alerts I have established be transferred to the new system?
Account alerts will not be transferred to the new system. You can view and enroll in alerts by going to Settings/Alerts from the home page. Please note, at this time, alerts are delivered at 7 AM ET.

If I was signed up for e-Statements, will that selection remain in place in the new system?
Yes, your statement preferences (whether electronic or paper) will remain in place.

Who do I contact if I have questions about using Quicken or Quickbooks?
Please contact Intuit directly for any questions regarding Quicken/Quickbooks. Visit §
for subscription information or select the ‘Support’ option where a specific category ‘Online Banking’ is available as well.

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