Real Estate
Specialty Finance

Customers Bank has a robust program to provide financing to firms originating senior secured loans backed by commercial real estate projects. The bank’s deep understanding of the underlying commercial real estate fundamentals combined with its expertise in developing customized transaction structures provides certainty of execution for a fast and reliable closing process to meet borrower needs.

Property Types Multifamily, office, retail, industrial, for-sale residential, land
Transaction Types Bridge, construction, mini-perm, condominium, land
Location Top 25 MSAs
Collateral Collateral assignment of underlying note and loan documents
Loan Amount $5 million to $50 million with ability for larger loan amounts depending upon strength of transaction
LTC Up to 60% of the underlying transaction
LTV Up to 60% of the underlying transaction
Interest Rate Competitive fixed or floating rates based upon the underlying transaction and leverage
Origination Fee Based on fees in underlying transaction
Term Up to 36 months plus extension options
Reserves As needed based on transaction; reserves to be held at Customers Bank
Recourse Non-recourse with bad act carve-outs
Prepayment Prepayable with minimum interest based on business plan


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