White Label for Financial Institutions
Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP)

Put our bank to work for you.

Customers Bank is offering banks, credit unions, community development financial institutions, minority deposit institutions, microfinance institutions, and other lenders and non-profits a “white label” turnkey end-to-end PPP origination, funding, and loan forgiveness solution.

Keep Your Clients
No Fee Paid – Bank is Compensated by SBA

If your financial institution does not have the capacity to offer new PPP loans or PPP Second Draw loans, but wants to be responsive to clients’ needs, consider Customers Bank as an alternative.

Customers Bank was one of a handful of traditional financial institutions that created a hybrid fintech model to support the SBA’s initial round of Paycheck Protection Program loans to quickly get economic relief to small businesses across the country. By working with select fintech partners, the bank was able to participate in over 100,000 SBA-approved loans – fifth highest of all lenders in the nation – and provide an aggregate value of over $5 billion to small businesses.

Hallmarks of the white label program are:

  • Solution covers the customer journey end-to-end from funding through servicing and forgiveness;
  • FI retains the customer relationship with a branded portal that strengthens their customer experience;
  • No tech integration required by the FI;
  • FI retain “ownership” of clients – Customers Bank will not market to them; and
    There is no fee to FI – Customers Bank will be paid directly by SBA.
  • banks
  • credit unions
  • community development financial institutions
  • minority deposit institutions microfinance institutions
  • chambers of commerce
  • and other lenders and non-profits

For More Information:

Marc J. Rehberger
Customers Bank SVP, Managing Director, Fintech 7(a) Lending


Customers Bank does not pay agent fees for applicant agents without a pre-existing and enforceable contract with the agent.
Agent fees are not paid where prohibited by law.