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      Insights from our Leaders

      Security Check: When it Comes to Mobile Banking, Data Safety Depends on You

      Diane McCracken
      Executive Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Customers Bank

      Mobile banking doesn’t need to be synonymous with risk. While banks have system requirements that prevent cyberattacks, consumers have the most power when it comes data safety – as long as they know how.
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      The Future of Banking Depends on its Talent

      Richard “Dick” Ehst
      President and Chief Operating Officer, Customers Bank

      A stronger, better financial services world will be built from the combined talents of diverse individuals. In order for this to happen, we must show prospective talent that financial institutions offer entrepreneurial environments where technology skills will be continually developed; where there is a clear, progressive career path for technology leaders; and where their contributions will have a tangible impact on the transformation of the organization.
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