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Financial Planning with FinanceWorks

Can you see your entire financial picture show up in one place? Yes, you can with FinanceWorks. Not only can you see all your deposit and loan amounts with Customers Bank, but also your accounts and loans at other banks, brokers, credit cards, held elsewhere. Imagine seeing your personal balance sheet all in one place.

Financial Planning

Track Your Success
Compare your portfolio to market benchmarks and instantly see your asset allocation across your investment accounts, from your stocks and money markets to your 401(k).

Achieve your goals

Achieve Your Goals
Set a date and link your goal to specific accounts so it’s easy to stick to your plan.

Budget easierBudget Easier
Create a budget, calculate and compare your average spending in any category so you can better manage your money. or create a budget.

Organize your billsOrganize Your Bills
See all your expenses in one place and see what’s coming up with an easy-to-read timeline of pending bills.

Avoid late fees

Avoid Late Fees
Set up mobile or email reminders for upcoming payments.