Finance Solutions for Hemp Farming and Manufacturing Companies

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Since its modest beginnings, Pennsylvania’s commercial hemp industry has grown tremendously. In 2019, the Department of Agriculture permitted 324 industrial hemp growers, who produced over 4,000 acres of hemp in 55 Pennsylvania counties.

At Customers Bank, we believe hemp-related businesses will become an economic driver across the country, especially as the demand for additional ancillary services increases. Now is the right time to engage with these important businesses and treat them like any other, which is why we provide a range of financial services for hemp farming and manufacturing companies.

Secure Merchant Processing Tools for CBD Businesses

Whether you’re paying a vendor or accepting payments yourself, it’s critical that you have the tools to process the transactions that keep your business running. At Customers Bank, we strive to provide every client with a variety of options designed to address every financial need. Read more about the tools that are available to CBD and hemp-related companies below.

  • ACH Payment– Gain confidence knowing you are able to pay anyone, anytime safely and securely.
  • Online and mobile banking – With an account at Customers Bank, you can access your financial information 24/7 through user-friendly tools. Get an up-to-date view of transactions, transfer funds from one account to another, and scan checks for a mobile deposit anytime, anywhere.
  • Business Bill Pay – By combining all of your business’s accounts payable on one secure site, Customers Bank makes it easy to manage your expenses and pay your bills on time. Business Bill Pay saves you time and money while reducing the risk of errors or late payments.
  • Online wire transfers – When you need to move funds instantly, an online wire transfer through Customers Bank can get the job done. This service allows you to transfer money in real time without leaving your home or office. The process is secure with the addition of multi-factor authentication and detailed alerts that include a unique Federal Reference Number.

As the owner of a CBD or hemp-related company, you have enough to worry about without having to find ways to effectively manage your money. Customers Bank is here to be the financial partner you need to help your business grow by offering tools to monitor revenue, protect transactions, manage expenses, and improve efficiencies. Fill out our online form to connect with a Team Member and learn more about all the ways we can help your CBD company.

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