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Cash Management Services

Better ways to manage your cash. And your time.

Processing payments. Managing cash balances. Retrieving account information. Chances are, you spend a lot more time on these tasks than you’d like.

Customers Bank can provide your business with advanced cash management tools and technologies that simplify these tasks, leaving you more time to focus on your core business. Send us an email to discuss how these and other services can help you better manage your money – and your time.

Online Business Banking

Manage your finances and your time

With 24/7 access to our secure web server, Online Business Banking gives you up-to-the-minute data to manage your transactions more profitably. Our user-friendly, web-based tools allow you to conduct a range of transactions and view your prior-day, current-day, and real-time banking activity.

  • Check balances and view transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts and related entities
  • Pay bills online with Business Bill Pay
  • Set up ACH payments and wire funds
  • Stop payment on a check
  • View check images

Remote Check Deposit

Put a branch office in your office

Or in your home, for that matter. Our Remote Check Deposit service allows you to deposit checks remotely, 24/7. Simply scan and upload a digital image of a check then transmit it (with encryption) to Customers Bank online. Safe, secure, easy and fast.

  • Deposit your checks from your home or office 24/7
  • Save time while avoiding traffic, weather and closing times
  • Consolidate banking relationships for your remote office locations
  • Enhance your cash flow/management capabilities
  • Facilitate easier, more efficient check deposit research

Business Bill Pay

Click to pay your bills online

And put the stamps and envelopes away. Business Bill Pay gives you a safe, convenient way to manage all of your accounts payable — from one secure website. Simple to understand and even easier to navigate, Business Bill Pay from Customers Bank is safer than paying by check. According to Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2011 Identity Fraud Consumer Report, online bill payers are 10 percent less likely to have their identities stolen versus those who use checks.

  • Save money — no more stamps or envelopes
  • Save time — pay bills in minutes instead of hours
  • Reduce the risk of human error and late payments
  • Set payment schedules to improve cash flows

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Simplify electronic transactions – securely

Take control of your cash flow with a fast and secure way to manage payments. With Automated Clearing House (ACH) services from Customers Bank you can pay anyone, anytime – quickly, securely, and efficiently. Pay employees easily with direct deposit, make electronic payments to vendors, and schedule cash disbursements. ACH financial transactions can reduce errors, improve cash flow, and strengthen your vendor relationships.

  • Process large volumes of financial transactions
  • Collect consumer payments on bills and premiums
  • Ensure on-time payment delivery to vendors
  • Make direct payroll deposits

Online Wire Transfer Services

Transfer money anywhere, online

Online Wire Transfer Services from Customers Bank give you the ability to transfer funds quickly between financial institutions via your internet connection – in real time. Perfect for scheduled or one-time transfers, this convenient feature is designed for domestic as well as international transactions.

  • Transfer funds without leaving your office
  • Added security of Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Automated alert confirmations via email including Fed Reference Number
  • Process transfers reliably and securely


Put receivables processing on the fast track

If your customers are mailing you payments, you can benefit from a lockbox. The most efficient way to collect payments owed to you, Lockbox Services from Customers Bank can streamline your collections by eliminating the internal costs of preparing checks for deposit and improving cash flow in your operations.

  • Gives you faster access to your funds
  • Improves the productivity of your office staff
  • Virtually eliminates accounts receivables processing
  • Electronic reporting updates payment records automatically
  • Processes payments according to your exact specifications
  • Provides online reporting, image archiving, and exception item decisioning

Positive Pay

The checking service that checks for fraud

Protect your business with this automatic cash-management service. Positive Pay electronic tools compare all checks presented for payment against all checks issued. We alert you to potentially fraudulent activity before debiting your account — you decide which checks should be authorized or declined.

  • Reduce unauthorized transactions
  • Limit the risk of fraudulent duplicate checks
  • Receive suspicious activity alerts
  • Approve or decline payments
  • Produce reconcilements quickly and easily