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Important Things to Know

Important items to know for the new business mobile and online banking platform:

  • All users and entitlements have been loaded into the new platform.
  • All ACH and Wire Transfer templates have been loaded into the new platform.
  • Any changes to users, template or accounts since 1/15/20 will need to be added to the new platform.
  • There have been no changes to the Remote Deposit Capture, Business Bill and Positive Pay platforms. When you access these platforms, all data will remain the same as today.
  • Loan accounts will display a differently in the new platform, they will appear with the loan number and the note number.
  • Loan Payments will now be made via the Book Transfer module.
  • Each user must setup their new Alerts in the new platform.
  • The Statement module will now include regular bank statements, loan statements and account analysis statements.
  • QuickBooks and Quicken users who use the Direct Connect method must select a new (must get steps from Q2).
  • A new mobile app will need to be downloaded to your device to access the new mobile business online banking app.
  • Admins will no longer be able to reset user passwords. Admins must contact the bank to have a user password reset.
  • Extremely important: Business Bill Pay admins must not add any users within the Business Bill Pay module. All users will be set up by the bank.