Title & Escrow

Title and escrow companies have unique banking needs stemming from the unpredictable and time-sensitive nature of real estate closings and other complex financial transactions as well as the company’s fiduciary responsibility for managing large escrow and trust accounts. The large volume of transactions these businesses conduct daily require the assistance of banking teams who understand the ins-and-outs of the business.

Customers Bank’s dedicated title banking team understands the needs of title and escrow businesses. Our highly responsive team of experts are trusted advisors in the industry and are members of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and various state land title associations. They provide a personalized level of service and are available to assist clients with tailored solutions designed to follow suggestions outlined by Pillar 2 of ALTA’s Best Practices covering Escrow Trust Accounting. Value-added solutions like remote official check printing, as well as positive pay and ACH block support those best practices while making transactions more convenient and secure.

Our goal is to increase your productivity so you can drive the success of your title and escrow business. We provide a wide range of payment solutions to help ease the burden of your cash and liquidity requirements, including:


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ACH Block

Gain confidence knowing you and your accounts are protected against fraudulent ACH transactions, which could wipe out an entire account or organization.

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Remote Official Check Printing

Print official bank checks from the convenience of your office.

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Reverse Positive Pay

Fraud protection that notifies you which checks have been submitted for payment and enables you to approve or decline payments.

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Payee Positive Pay

Protect your money by mitigating the risk of fraud with the ability to view the payee’s name on checks, as well as the ability to approve or decline payment. You determine the monitoring parameters to meet your business needs.

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Three-Way Reconciliation

Quickly and easily review transactions with the ability to connect your accounts with title software and reconciliation providers.

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Multifactor Authentication

Further mitigate risks of fraud with dual control for wire transfers.

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Online Wires with Alerts

Initiate and approve wires from your desktop or mobile device. Know exactly when wire transfers are sent or received in your account with email alerts. Wires are sent and received instantly, making funds available immediately and not delayed due to batching with other transactions.

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SBA Government Guaranteed Lending

Small Business and Government Guaranteed lending can be useful financing tools for buying or selling a business or practice. Learn more about Small Business Lending or SBA Lending based on qualifications.

Your success is our success. All of these services and products are supported by a dedicated team of professionals and your single-point-of-contact to deliver a high level of customer service coupled with extremely competitive pricing.

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