Benefits of a Customers Bank Business Account for Your CBD or Hemp-Related Business

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Since Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill, new opportunities have emerged for those who work with hemp and cannabidiol, better known as CBD. For one thing, these businesses gained access to many of the same financial services that have long benefited other companies, including the ability to open a standard commercial bank account.

As these businesses reach new levels of success, the team at Customers Bank seeks to support this growth with bank accounts and other tools designed to help the owners of CBD and hemp-related businesses manage their funds more efficiently and effectively. We  believe CBD and hemp-related business should be treated like any other business looking for a banking partner. 

Customers Bank offers an array of value-added tools and services designed to help you manage your cash flow, pay your bills, and guard against fraud. The following are just a few of the banking services offered at Customers Bank:

  • ACH Payment– Gain confidence knowing you are able to pay anyone, anytime safely and securely.
  • Online and mobile banking – With an account at Customers Bank, you can access your financial information 24/7 through user-friendly tools. Get an up-to-date view of transactions, transfer funds from one account to another, and scan checks for a mobile deposit anytime, anywhere.
  • Business Bill Pay – By combining all of your business’s accounts payable on one secure site, Customers Bank makes it easy to manage your expenses and pay your bills on time. Business Bill Pay saves you time and money while reducing the risk of errors or late payments.
  • Online wire transfers – When you need to move funds instantly, an online wire transfer through Customers Bank can get the job done. This service allows you to transfer money in real time without leaving your home or office. The process is secure with the addition of multi-factor authentication and detailed alerts that include a unique Federal Reference Number.

Whether your hemp or CBD-related business is just getting off the ground or enjoying unprecedented success in a lucrative market, the banking specialists at Customers Bank have an account that suits your needs – not to mention a complement of personalized service that’s aimed at providing the highest quality of service and expertise to business owners.

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