ATM Limitations

Limitations on the Uses of Consumer VISA Debit and ATM Card

All limits expressed in this section are daily limits. The day for purposes of applying these limits starts at 12:00 am and ends at 11:59 pm EST each calendar day.

Certain limitations may be imposed on the frequency of use of the Visa Debit or ATM card each day. These limitations are not revealed for security reasons.

The Bank reserves the right to reduce any Card limit for any reason, or block a Card for all use, without prior notice, and may also block access at any ATM location, Merchant location or type, etc., as deemed necessary and primarily for risk and/or fraud control purposes. Further, your ATM Withdrawal, Purchase or Cash Advance limits may be reduced or higher than stated above. Please contact the Bank if you have any questions about your limits and/or usage capabilities.

Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which the cardholder is located, including locations within the United States. VISA cards may only be used for legal transactions. Display of a payment card logo by an online merchant does not mean that Internet gambling transactions are lawful in all jurisdictions in which the cardholder may be located.