Great News!

In early December, we will be transitioning our existing Online Banking customers to a new platform powered by Malauzai. There will be new features and benefits for you to enjoy. Look for informational emails that you will receive from us over the next 30 days.

Customers who opened their account on or after 11/9/15 are using the new platform.

Until all customers are on the same platform, we have these login boxes to help guide you to the right Online Banking system.

Thank you for choosing Customers Bank. We appreciate your business.

Need help? Please contact your local branch.

Download the CB Access app:

CB Access - Customers Bank

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Spend less time logging in

4 Digit Pin
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4-digit PIN saves you time and effort
Tired of remembering or typing in long user names and passwords? The new 4-digit PIN feature of CB Access let's you log in quickly and easily with a 4-digit PIN that you create once you have registered your device.

To get started, sign in to CB Access. go to settings and turn on 4-dlgit PIN. Select a 4-digit PIN that will be easy to remember. However, for security purposes, here are some important rules to fellow when creating your PIN:

  • Do not use a repetitive number (e.g., 5555)
  • Do not use 4 consecutive digits (e.g., 1234)
  • Do use your birthday or birth year
  • Do not use the last four digits of your social security number

Once you've selected a PIN you're done! Now, whenever you open the CB Access app, all you have to do is enter your 4-diglt PIN to log in to the device you registered.